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Why choose MKU Virtual Learning

Why Mount Kenya University Virtual Learning is your best choice

We have adopted new and modern interactive technologies that  provides the best in terms of functionality and resources to our students. A new course arrangement framework have been adopted for simplicity. Courses and their relevant resources as well as materials are arranged in a hierarchical manner which make it easier for students to get course materials. Also we have capitalized on user support as our major goal to ensure students satisfaction.  The Key reasons why we shall always remain as your best virtual learning education provider are:-

>> Any degree awarded by Mount Kenya University through virtual learning is rated among the best in the world.

>> Affordable and flexible fees payment.

>> We offer Credit Transfers from other recognised institutions hence enabling students to finish their course earlier

>> Strong physical and online students support, registration and orientation.

>> Physical lectures and students and students interaction through tutorial in Campuses and constituent study centres.

>> Internet is available to students within campuses and hence they can always access the online courses at any time.

>> Students have access to the university and constituent campuses faciities e.g Library to enhance more learning.

>> Students get  value added University education from the support of the highly qualfied academicians and other staff.

>>Strong  communication between the lecturers, co-ordinators and students ensuring ontime information delevery.

>> Integrated SMS Gatewaay with our students database which enhances real time communication to our students

>> Courses are self-paced which gives our students flexible learning capabilities while still working

>> Our E-Learning encouranges  knowledge sharing through formation of interactive students/learners groups and forums

>> Self Directed and Convenient- A student learns at his own pace and from anywhere.